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Launching of Berjaya TeenStar Challenge 2016!

Berjaya TeenStar Challenge is a performing arts competition designed to provide secondary school students with the opportunity to showcase their hidden talents. Open to all teenagers from Form 1 to Form 6 (Year 7 to Year 12), the Berjaya TeenStar Challenge will give students a choice of 4 competition categories to choose from – Solo Singing, Duet/Group Singing, Modern Dancing and Band.

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15 December 2015 成功青年短片竞赛,邀奥斯卡得主做评审 B.Youth! Creativity HMI Magazine
15 December 2015 第5届 Berjaya Youth 成功青年短片竞赛颁奖 B.Youth! Creativity Smart Info Magazine
9 December 2015 On Soong for Berjaya Youth Short Film top prize B.Youth! Creativity Malay Mail
1 December 2015 Berjaya Youth Film Contest Names Winners B.Youth! Creativity New Straits Times
27 November 2015 Search for the best short film B.Youth! Creativity The Star
27 November 2015 An inspired triumph B.Youth! Creativity The Sun
22 November 2015 阿牛独爱季军作品 B.Youth! Creativity Guang Ming
22 November 2015 奥斯卡短片导演想在马拍电影, 阿牛秒速自荐 B.Youth! Creativity Kwong Wah
22 November 2015 杨紫烨当短片评审, 盼来马取景拍片 B.Youth! Creativity Oriental Daily
22 November 2015 (第5届成功青年短片竞赛), 宋嘉辉 (Sam Sir) 夺冠 B.Youth! Creativity Sin Chew
22 November 2015 阿牛今年作品微弱 B.Youth! Creativity China Press
20 October 2015 Fighting hunger here B.Youth! Inspiration The Star
13 October 2015 第二届停止饥饿活动,移交装箱食物给4机构 B.Youth! Inspiration Sin Chew Daily
12 October 2015 Joining hands to feed the poor and needy B.Youth! Inspiration The Sun
11 October 2015 成功青年派发10万令吉粮食,拯救身陷饥饿人口 B.Youth! Inspiration Kwong Wah
10 October 2015 400 Volunteers Do Their Bit To Relieve Hunger, Starvation B.Youth! Inspiration
5 July 2015 成功集团短片竞赛分享会 B.Youth! Creativity China Press
2 July 2015 成功青年短片竞赛,8万奖金奖品待赢取 B.Youth! Creativity Kwong Wah
10 June 2015 Yes We Can B.Youth! Creativity The Sun
10 June 2015 New home to be proud of B.Youth! Inspiration The Star
6 June 2015 成功集团与EPIC合作,为务边原住民建家园 B.Youth! Inspiration Sin Chew Daily
2 June 2015 House gift for orang asli family B.Youth! Inspiration The Sun
2 June 2015 EPIC家园志工计划,34人助原住民重建家园 B.Youth! Inspiration China Press
6 May 2015 Looking for aspiring #filmmakers B.Youth! Creativity The Sun
30 Apr 2015 Berjaya青年短片竞赛,8万令吉奖金奖品待赢 B.Youth! Creativity Sin Chew
27 Apr 2015 Youth short film contest B.Youth! Creativity The Sun
25 Apr 2015 Film competition B.Youth! Creativity The Star
26 Mar 2015 Over 5000 Volunteers Roped in by Berjaya Youth B.Youth! Inspiration The Sun
2 Feb 2015 Beacon of hope - Jane Goodall B.Youth! Inspiration The Star
31 Jan 2015 Good News From Jane Goodall B.Youth! Inspiration The Star
29 Jan 2015 Reasons For Hope - Jane Goodall B.Youth! Inspiration The Sun
29 Jan 2015 Chimp expert aims to inspire youths B.Youth! Inspiration The Star
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