About Berjaya Youth

B.Youth is a platform set up by Berjaya Corporation Berhad to enable Malaysia Youth to make a difference to our community in respect of 4 key pillars – Inspiration, Creativity, Eco and Animal. Through B.Youth projects, the youth are given opportunities to participate and learn about leadership, creativity and proactivity while promoting the spirit of volunteerism, positive thinking and good values.

Join us in contributing towards building communities and enriching lives around us.

Byouth Inspiration

Life is a journey of endless learning and pursuits. Remember, each of us has a unique gift that can make a difference to the people around us. Dream the impossible and dare to make it possible.

Byouth Eco

As residents of planet earth, it is our responsibility to treat it with care, not just for us, but also for generations to come. Let’s take that step forward to protect our beautiful planet.

Byouth Creativity

Break the boxes that curb creativity and make everyday tasks extraordinary. All ideas are worth exploring, so never give up. Share your ideas and open up a world of endless possibilities.

Byouth Animal

Speak up for the protection, conservation and care of animals. There are various ways that you can do your part to raise awareness and educate Malaysians on animal-related issues.